Seema (Choksy) Pessar, MPP

Senior Health Policy Project Associate, USC Schaeffer Center

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Seema (Choksy) Pessar, MPP's Bio

Seema (Choksy) Pessar, MPP, is a senior health policy project associate at the USC Schaeffer Center.

Prior to joining the center, she was an analyst at the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, where she helped lead the agency’s annual Youth Count. She also worked as a senior research program coordinator with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she researched policies at the intersection of drug control and firearm violence, as well as the implementation of physical health interventions for people with serious mental illness. She was previously a project specialist at the Schaeffer Center before starting her current role.

Choksy holds an MPP from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a BA in political science from UCLA.

Recent Work

  • Hospital System Participation and Hospital Spending

    Schaeffer Center researchers found that most hospital systems span across markets and states with higher system participation were more likely to have below median per capita hospital spending. Their work suggests that researchers and policymakers should consider hospital system membership separately from market concentration.

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