Data Resources

Data Resources

With our state-of-the-art Data Core, the USC Schaeffer Center provides access to more than 60 databases covering tens of millions of lives, and maintains exacting standards of excellence in data security.

This advanced information resource and computing environment is overseen by an expert team that provides skills, training and support for the Schaeffer Center’s research projects. The Data Core’s security measures include an air-gapped workstation (physically isolated from the Internet) and HIPAA-compliant systems with 24/7 monitoring to ensure protection of private health data.

The data library covers a range of sources, including survey data, public and private claims, and electronic health record network data feeds. With a dedicated team including a system administrator, data resource administrator, statistician and full-time programmers, the Data Core is a nimble resource to Center experts, students/fellows and collaborators.

Cutting-Edge Outputs

The Data Core team is a resource to researchers as they prepare manuscripts and other outputs that explain findings to diverse audiences. For example, a recent study on prescription drug copayments was illustrated through an interactive data visualization (below) that shows how frequently the co-payment exceeds the price of commonly prescribed drugs, and provides the average overpayment per drug.

The expertise of the Data Core provides Schaeffer faculty with a ready resource to optimize use of available data sets and to effectively find ways to communicate the findings.

In addition to the Data Core, Schaeffer Center programmers continually expand, improve and maintain sophisticated policy analysis tools, including the Future Elderly Model (FEM) and Future Adult Model (FAM).