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Center for Health Reporting

Operating out of the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics, the Center for Health Reporting (CHR) explores questions about the quality, cost and accessibility of health care in California.  It is an independent news organization with no agenda but journalism excellence.

Now in our seventh year, CHR has built a network of nearly 50 news organizations across the state. It has produced more than 130 projects, working with media that include the state’s largest dailies, small newspapers servicing rural and ethnic communities, NPR affiliates and online news sites.

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Hospitals focus on baby boomers and elderly, but will it boost patients' health and save money? 
San Diego Union Tribune, July 30, 2017
Dr. Shawn Evans scrolled through the list of patients booked into the emergency department at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla on a recent morning. Of the 18 patients on the intake screen, a third were 65 or older. Three were over 80. Read more at the San Diego Union Tribune

How seniors can avoid the emergency room-- and what to do if they end up there
San Diego Union Tribune, July 30, 2017
No one wants to end up in the emergency department of a hospital. While you can't prevent all accidents and health emergencies, you can improve your odds of avoiding them. Here are some research-based tips for protecting your safety and health as you age: Read more at the San Diego Union Tribune

She keeps her teeth in a box - evidence of a system that failed her
Sacramento Bee, June 8, 2017

Karen Wadsack, 68, shows a tiny case that holds numerous broken teeth, 5 crowns and part of a bridge on June 1 in Sacramento (Renee C. Byer)

Karen Wadsack stores her collection of broken teeth inside a tiny box. She considers each teeth essential evidence of a system that's failed her. <more>

Diabetes crisis grips Southern California
Los Angeles Daily News, February 5, 2017

Dr. Kevin Codorniz, who is part of the LLUMC division of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, during a consultation with patient Sylvia Garcia, of San Bernardino, on Friday, December 30, 2016. (Frank Perez/Correspondent)

Sarah Cooke listened as her aging diabetic patients vented about trying to cope with the pernicious disease. <More>

Seniors find lifeline in phone support groups
SF Gate, December 26, 2016

Lynnie Ray Burn, 91, takes a stroll in Berkeley (photo: Gabrielle Lurie, The Chronicle)

The phone rang the other afternoon inside 91-year-old Lynnie Rayburn’s disheveled South Berkeley apartment. Although confined to a wheelchair and unable to move more than a few inches, she had little trouble picking up the receiver. <More>

Garden Grove nurses' house calls program helps seniors prolong independence
The Orange County Register, September 3, 2016

Nurse navigator Kelly Baik visits Acacia Adult Day Services center attendee Nelson Tran in his home to talk to him about keeping up on his medication. Baik is part of an Acacia team that takes the care outside the center walls to help attendees stay out of expensive institutions. - Lauren M. Whaley/ CHCE Center for Health Reporting

GARDEN GROVE – Kelly Baik plopped two large plastic Tupperware containers in front of Nelson Tran and Loan Nguyen, who were seated at the kitchen island. Baik opened one, picked out an amber-colored bottle and rattled it. <More>

In rural north state, more seniors depend on government for daily meals
The Sacramento Bee, July 4, 2016

In rural north state, more seniors depend on government for daily meals
Lee Marshall is one of a growing number of rural Plumas County seniors who, because of economic setbacks, must survive in part on food provided to them by government agencies.
Eli Hiller - The Sacramento Bee

​GREENVILLE - Lee Marshall loves the mountains surrounding this small community three hours northeast of Sacramento. Even so, it can be hard to maintain a sunny outlook. <More>


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