Substantial Growth in Medicare Advantage and Implications for Reform


Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollment increased by 22.2 million beneficiaries (337.0 percent) from 2006 through 2022, whereas traditional Medicare enrollment declined by 1.0 million (−2.9 percent) over that period. In 2022, adjusted MA penetration was 49.9 percent nationally, and 24.0 percent of Medicare beneficiaries with Parts A and B lived in a county with adjusted MA penetration equal to or exceeding 60 percent.

Data Visualizations

The full study can be viewed at Health Affairs. A press release about the study is available here.

Trish, E., Valdez, S., Ginsburg, P. B., Randall, S., & Lieberman, S. M. (2023). Substantial Growth In Medicare Advantage And Implications For Reform: Study examines Medicare Advantage growth. Health Affairs42(2), 246-251.