Conflict of Interest Statement

The USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics conducts innovative, independent research that makes significant contributions to policy and health improvement. Center experts pursue a range of priority research areas focused on addressing problems within the health sphere.  Donors may request that their funds be used to address a general research priority area for the Center, which include:
  • Improve the performance of healthcare markets
  • Increase value in healthcare delivery
  • Improve health outcomes and reduce disparities
  • Foster better pharmaceutical policy and regulation

Schaeffer Center funding comes from a range of sources including government entities, foundations, corporations, individuals and endowment. A complete list of supporters of the Schaeffer Center can be found in the Center’s annual reports (available here). At all times, the independence and integrity of the research is paramount and the Center retains the right to publish all findings from its research activities. Funding sources are always disclosed. The Center does not conduct proprietary research.

As is the case at many elite academic institutions, USC Schaeffer Center faculty are sought after for their expertise by corporations, government entities and others. These external activities (e.g., consulting) are governed by the Faculty Handbook and the university’s Conflict of Interest in Professional and Business Practices and Conflict of Interest in Research policies. All outside activities must be disclosed via the university’s on-line disclosure system, diSClose, and faculty must adhere to all measures put in place to manage any appearance of conflict.

Revised: January 20, 2017