Academic Freedom

USC Schaeffer Center Statement on Academic Freedom

The mission of the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics is to measurably improve value in health through evidence-based policy solutions, research excellence, and private- and public-sector engagement.  Core to the Schaeffer Center’s mission is research grounded in rigor and evidence.

Since its inception, the USC Schaeffer Center has informed and impacted policy discussions without political aim. Research by Center experts has been cited in seven of the last eight Economic Reports of the President, and informed debate about myriad topics. Across Administrations and political affiliations, policymakers and stakeholders rely on the Schaeffer Center for rigorous research and expert opinion.

USC Schaeffer Center scholars hold a range of perspectives and viewpoints. Inherent in this diversity are a range of opinions. All opinions expressed by faculty, staff and students are solely theirs and do not represent the USC Schaeffer Center.

Freedom to inquire, research and explore ideas are principles at the heart of all universities and upheld by the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics and the University of Southern California.

More about the University of Southern California’s policies on academic freedom can be found in the faculty handbook here.