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Are We Ready to Treat Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s research has been associated with many more downs than ups, but with Biogen’s surprising decision to file for market authorization of aducanumab, the next major challenge is for national healthcare systems to get ready.

Given the nature of potential future Alzheimer’s therapies, we expect that healthcare systems will face different access challenges related to their screeningdiagnosis and treatment capacity.

As part of our research at RANDUSC Schaeffer Center and USC Center for Economic and Social Research over the last few years, we have assessed healthcare system preparedness for Alzheimer’s therapies in key markets. We find that most countries will not just require large capacity to conduct initial screenings, but will urgently lack technological and specialist capacity to establish an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Many countries will also have to grapple with considerable challenges related to drug infusions, especially if they need to be given by healthcare professionals.

Cumulatively, this could mean that millions of avoidable Alzheimer’s cases could develop even after a drug has been approved. In our work, we suggest country-specific strategies to reduce expected delays in access, and reducing the number of avoidable cases.

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This post was originally published on LinkedIn.