Hyungsik Roger Moon, PhD

Visiting Scholar, USC Schaeffer Center
Professor, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Hyungsik Roger Moon, PhD's Bio

Dr. Hyungsik Roger Moon got his BA and MA degrees in economics at Seoul National University, and received his PhD in economics from Yale University in 1998. He has been a tenured professor of economics at USC since 2008. Before the current position, he was a professor of economics at University of Maryland, an associate professor and an assistant professor of economics at USC and an assistant professor of economics at UC Santa Barbara.

Moon’s specialty in economics is econometrics theory and its applications. His econometrics theory research topics are very broad, including general econometrics theory, panel data analysis, time series analysis, and network data analysis. His application topics include SVAR, forecasting, empirical games, income dynamics, social interaction and network, and economics of education. Recently his research focuses on machine learning and its application to various econometrics problems such as high-dimensional model estimation and various economic topics including political economics, urban economics, and health economics

Moon has published more than 40 papers in academic journals including five papers in Econometrica and numerous papers in top economics and econometrics field journals. Moon is an associate editor of Econometric Theory, and was an associate editor of Journal of Econometrics. Moon is a fellow of Journal of Econometrics. Moon received the Young Scholar award from the Korea-America Economic Association (KAEA) in 2005 and Mae-Kyung/KAEA Economist award in 2012, and the R.K. Cho Economics award in 2018. Moon received research grants and awards from the NSF and the USC Lusk Center of Real Estate.

Recent Work