White Papers


    A Perspective on Prescription Drug Copayment Coupons
    By: Karen Van Nuys, Geoffrey Joyce, Rocio Ribero, and Dana Goldman
    February 2018

    The Global Burden of Medical Innovation

    By: Dana Goldman and Darius Lakdawalla
    January 2018


    Medicare Advantage: Better Information Tools, Better Beneficiary Choices, Better Competition

    By: John Bertko, Paul B. Ginsburg, Steven M. Lieberman, Erin Trish, Joseph Antos
    November 2017

    Taking Stock of Insurer Financial Performance in the Individual Health Insurance Market through 2017

    By: Matthew Fiedler
    October 2017

    A Better Approach to Regulating Provider Network Adequacy

    By: Mark Hall and Paul B. Ginsburg
    September 2017

    Reining in Pharmaceutical Costs

    By: Karen Van Nuys, Dana Goldman, and Ian Spatz
    August 2017

    Effects of the More Austere Medicaid Per Capita Cap Included in the Senate's Health Bill

    By: Loren Adler, Matthew Fiedler, and Tim Gronniger
    June 2017

    The Flow of Money Through the Pharmaceutical Distribution System

    By: Neeraj Sood, Tiffany Shih, Karen Van Nuys, and Dana Goldman
    June 2017

    Would Price Transparency for Generic Drugs Lower Costs for Payers and Patients?

    By: Steven M. Lieberman, Paul B. Ginsburg
    June 2017

    Effects of the Medicaid Per Capita Cap Included in the House-Passed American Health Care Act

    By: Loren Adler, Matthew Fiedler, and Tim Gronniger
    May 2017

    Making Health Care Markets Work: Competition Policy for Health Care

    By: Martin Gaynor, Farzad Mostashari, and Paul B. Ginsburg
    April 2017


    Building a Better "Cadillac"

    By: Henry J. Aaron, Linda J. Blumberg, Paul Ginsburg, and Stephen Zuckerman
    January 2017


    Solving Surprise Medical Bills

    By: Mark Hall, Paul B. Ginsburg, Steven M. Lieberman, Loren Adler, Caitlin Brandt, and Margaret Darling
    October 2016

    How the Money Flows Under MACRA

    By: Kavita Patel, Loren Adler, Margaret Darling, Paul Ginsburg, and Steven M. Lieberman
    July 2016