Our Funding Sources

How are we funded? 

The Schaeffer Center is supported by funding from a wide variety of public and private institutions and donors (see figure and sponsor list below). 

Regardless of the funding source, Schaeffer Center research adheres to the following standards:   
  1. The work should reflect our mission and values.  The relevant values here are rigor, objectivity, and independence.  
  2. The work should be well-reasoned, with a sound evidence basis.  It should synthesize all available evidence, not just studies favorable to a particular policy position.    
  3. The work should avoid strident language which denigrates our academic roots.   
The Schaeffer Center encourages its members to engage with the policy community, and as such, supports the dissemination of our independent findings through academic publications, opinion pieces, briefings, meetings, editorials, presentations, and blog posts. 

When speaking or writing as a member of the Schaeffer Center, individuals are asked to maintain the standards set out above. Furthermore, when accepting funding that is not a gift, Schaeffer Center researchers preserve the right to publish by contract with the funder. 

In all instances, the Center: 
  1. Encourages peer-review of all research. 
  2. Discloses sponsorships in publications and on our web site.      
  3. Maintains a diverse advisory board with broad perspectives.    
  4. Ensures all stakeholders have a voice in research and policy activities
Gifts, by definition, do not include restrictions on research or publication.