Directors & Staff


    Jason Doctor
    Director, Health Informatics

    Paul Ginsburg

    Director, Public Policy

    Dana Goldman

    Ann Harada
    Managing Director

    Geoffrey Joyce
    Director, Health Policy

    Darius Lakdawalla
    Director, Research

    Grant Lawless
    Director, Business and Industry

    Jeff McCombs
    Director, Graduate Studies

    Neeraj Sood

    Director, Research


    Patricia St. Clair

    Director, Data Core

    Erin Trish

    Associate Director, Health Policy

    Karen Van Nuys

    Executive Director, Value in Life Sciences Innovation

    Kukla Vera
    Director, External Affairs

    Cristina Wilson
    Director, Finance and Research Administration

    Julie Zissimopoulos
    Director, Education and Training




    Sarah Brandon
    Project Specialist

    Karen Byrnes
    Project Manager

    Seema Choksy
    Project Specialist

    Renelle Davis
    Administrative Assistant II

    Patricia Ferido
    Research Programmer

    Laura Gascue
    Programmer/Quantitative Analyst

    Sara Geiger
    Assistant to the Director

    Stephanie Hedt
    Policy Communications Editor 

    Hanke Heun-Johnson
    Project Specialist

    Khristina Ipapo
    Research Programmer

    Catherine Ishitani
    Research Assistant

    Tara Knight
    Program Manager

    Caroline Kurdian

    Duncan Ermini Leaf
    Research Programmer

    Beneet Pandey
    Research Programmer

    Rocio Ribero
    Project Specialist

    Devin N. Stambler
    Special Events Associate

    Briana Taylor
    Program Manager

    Bryan Tysinger
    Research Programmer

    Irene Vidyanti
    Collaborating Programmer

    Jillian Wallis
    Research Data Administrator

    Jennifer Walz
    Development Coordinator
    Henu Zhao
    Research Programmer